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Cleared Charges Intensify Anti-Lee MB Attacks

Cleared Charges Intensify Anti-Lee MB Attacks

Presidential front-runner Lee Myung-bak appears headed for heated conflict with his rivals after being cleared of all allegations surrounding the BBK stock scandal.

As the prosecution announced its preliminary findings Wednesday just two weeks before the election, Lee can now shake off the charges and attempt to solidify his lead. The charges had been widely considered the final obstacle to his candidacy.

However, leading candidates including Chung Dong-young, Lee Hoi-chang and Kwon Young-ghil have blasted the probe results as insufficient. They have suspended campaign activities to protest the prosecution's findings. Each has also called for an independent investigation into the case.

Meanwhile, social leaders and civic officials have taken steps to unite the liberal camp behind either Chung Dong-young or Moon Kook-hyun.

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