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N. Korea Claims New Fever Cases Fall Below 5,000

N. Korea Claims New Fever Cases Fall Below 5,000

North Korea claimed that its fever-related daily cases suspected to be COVID-19 fell below five-thousand.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) reported on Thursday that around four-thousand-700 new fever patients were confirmed in the 24-hour period leading up to 6 p.m. Wednesday nationwide.

Quoting the nation's state emergency epidemic prevention headquarters, the KCNA said about six-thousand-720 patients recovered during the same period.

Cumulative cases in the North compiled since late April grew to nearly four-point-74 million, with North Korean authorities claiming that 99-point-eight percent of them have fully recovered.

The North did not mention new deaths, the death toll or the fatality rate.

The most recent update came on June 16, when the KCNA said that one new death was reported, raising the death toll to 73 with a fatality rate of zero-point-002 percent.

However, many experts say Pyongyang's statistics lack credibility as the number of deaths is far too low considering the reported caseload.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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