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N. Korea’s UN Amb. Says Peninsula on the Brink of Nuclear War

N. Korea’s UN Amb. Says Peninsula on the Brink of Nuclear War

North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations said on Tuesday that his country will bolster its self-defense capabilities, claiming that the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of nuclear war.

Ambassador Kim Song made the remarks in his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York, saying that the peninsula is in a hair-trigger situation with imminent danger of nuclear war breaking out.

Kim said that the intensification of reckless military moves and provocations by hostile forces will be met with directly proportionate endeavors by Pyongyang to enhance its national defense capabilities.

The ambassador accused the United States and South Korea of increasing tensions on the peninsula with a series of joint military exercises that were clearly aggressive in nature at the beginning of the year, while hysterically referring to the end of the North Korean regime and the occupation of Pyongyang.

Ambassador Kim also blasted President Yoon Suk Yeol’s recent warning against a possible arms trade between North Korea and Russia, saying that the development of equal and friendly relations between sovereign countries is not for South Korea to interfere in as a colony of the U.S.

Kim omitted the title of “president” for Yoon and used the expression "puppet government" to refer to the South Korean government.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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