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N. Korea Says Monday’s Launch a Test-Firing of Hwasong-18 ICBM

N. Korea Says Monday’s Launch a Test-Firing of Hwasong-18 ICBM

North Korea said on Tuesday that the previous morning's launch was a test-firing of a Hwasong-18 solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile(ICBM).

The regime’s state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Station reported on Tuesday that the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party ordered the launch as a powerful warning measure against the dangerously intensifying situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The state media said the missile reached an altitude of six-thousand-518 kilometers and flew one-thousand-two kilometers for 74 minutes before accurately hitting the intended target.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly watched the launch and expressed great satisfaction, saying that the effort demonstrated the country’s offensive strength and absolute nuclear war deterrence capabilities.

Kim reportedly said that Pyongyang must respond with stronger countermeasures in case its enemies continue to make wrong decisions against North Korea.

North Korea fired an ICBM at around 8:24 a.m. on Monday toward the East Sea from an area near Pyongyang.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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