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My Father is Strange (6) 무슨 일이세요?

#Drama Lines l 2018-07-30

Expression of the Week

Oh Bok-nyeo: 여보세요. 


네, 제가 건물주 맞는데, 무슨 일이세요?

Yes, I am the owner of the building. May I help you?

Hair salon employee:   여기 1층 미용실인데요. 

We’re the hairdresser’s on the 1st floor.

여자 화장실 변기가 고장 나서 

The toilet in the women’s bathroom is broken 

교체를 해야 할 것 같은데요.

and I think we need to replace it.

지난달부터 계속 물이 새거든요? 

It’s been leaking since last month.

Oh Bok-nyeo: 아니, 그걸 왜 나한테...

Why are you talking to me about that…

무슨 일이세요? (May I help you?)

무슨 – What; An expression used to ask about a business, subject or object that one is not sure of or does not exactly know.

일 – business; engagement; A problem or thing that one should resolve or deal with.

Casual – 무슨 일이야?

Semi-polite – 무슨 일이세요?

Polite – 무슨 일입니까? (무엇을 도와드릴까요?)

>>”무슨 일이세요?” is used as a greeting and literally means “What business is it?” 

>>The expression is used to ask someone, usually a stranger, why they are here or what kind of business brings them here. An example would be what a police officer would say to a person who has visited the local police station. 

e.g.)     Police officer: 무슨 일이세요? = What brings you here? (May I help you?)

Visitor: 무얼 신고하러 왔는데요. = I’m here to report something (a crime). 

>>”어쩐 일이세요?” is an expression that is used in the same way as “무슨 일이세요?” which means, “How can I help you?” or “What brings you here?”

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