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Song Request for Y2C



Hey DJ Brian!

I've just finished a semester at my college and was dissatisfied with my results. The irritating thing is that I knew exactly what I could've done to get better grades but wasn't pragmatic enough to act upon them. This got me pondering about a lot of the regretful choices I made, not only this time, but throughout my life. I wish I could go back to some points in my life to make better choices lol. Are there any moments in your life that you wish you could relive to make a different choice? And please give a word of advice for people who want to become more pragmatic (as I know that DJ Brian is more of a Type A person, which I aspire to be).

I want to request 기억을 걷는 시간 by Nell~ the song has been helping me cheer up a little :) 


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