The Korean War,
and a Panorama of 70 Years

At 4 a.m. on Sunday, June 25, 1950, North Korea launched a surprise attack against South Korea to ignite the Korean War, a tragic fratricidal conflict.
70 years have passed since then.
The sound of gunfire and cries of victims stopped long ago, but the pain of national division still remains.
While South and North Korea have feuded and clashed with each other occasionally, they have never given up hope for a peaceful, unified Korea.
Let’s look back on the paths the two Koreas have walked over the past seven decades.

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Pyongyang Denounces US Allies' Surveillance of North Korea as ‘Provocations’ Main News Pyongyang Denounces US Allies' Surveillance of North Korea as ‘Provocations’ North Korea has denounced increased surveillance of the country by the United States’ allies under the guise of monitoring UN sanctions violations, urging them to immediately stop such “provocations,” as they spark tension and instability.  In a statement carried by the North’s state Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) on Monday, the chief of the external policy section at the North’s foreign ministry made the call. He expressed serious concern over the irresponsible behavior of some countries taking advantage of the U.S.’ “hostile policy and hegemonic strategy against independent sovereign states.” The North claimed that the U.K., Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand and Australia deployed warships and warplanes to the Asia-Pacific region, raising military tensions in the area. The statement said that the military intervention by these countries, which is being carried out under the pretext of implementing UN Security Council resolutions, not only runs counter to the UN Charter, but also poses a threat to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and in the Asia-Pacific region. The North then warned that it will take “necessary measures” to thoroughly protect its sovereignty and safety concerning such surveillance.  South Korea and the U.K. carried out joint maritime patrols in waters near the Korean Peninsula in April to enforce UN Security Council sanctions resolutions against North Korea. 2024-05-13
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