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2018 Liberation Day Special Program <A Great Journey toward Independence, Female Soldiers in Korean Liberation Army>


Ceremony Commemorating the Establishment of the General Headquarters of the Korean Liberation Army (September 17, 1940, Chungking, China)

"This program started from an old photograph. The photo shows a ceremony commemorating the establishment of the General Headquarters of the Korean Liberation Army on September 17, 1940. A group of people in the photo includes four women in military uniforms, who turned out to be female members of the Korean Liberation Army. How did the women become military activists for independence and what did they do? Very little is known about their activities, which unfortunately were not recorded in history, either. But their activities were rooted in female independence activists’ fierce struggles that had continued since the late Joseon period. Let’s meet with some of the women soldiers and female freedom fighters who joined the great journey toward Korea’s independence."

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