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2018 Hangeul Day Special Program AI Studies Korean


AI Studies Korean
Open Sesame!

"Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” is a story that everyone knows – even though no one knows who wrote it or when and where it was written.

In the story, there’s a mysterious cave of which the entrance opens up only when one says the magical incantation – “Open Sesame!”

One might say, it’s the first ever artificial intelligence, or AI speech recognition mechanism!

AI in Our Daily Lives

When you want to listen to some music, or when you need to look up some information, AI let’s you do it all by saying just a word. In fact, it’s already a big part of our lives.

AI serves as a superb interpreter between a patient and a doctor, and it can also be a fantastic tour guide on an elementary school kids’ first overseas trip.

Our crew met up with the hardworking airport guide robot, Airstar. Standing 160cm tall and weighing at 135kg, Airstar helps airport users find their way within the building, without ever growing tired or asking for a pay raise.

One airport visitor voices a concern though – “I wouldn't want to follow him into the bathroom.”

Could We Love?

Could a lonely modern human find companionship in an AI?

So we gave it a shot. We taught an AI sweet poems and lovely novels.

How do you think the AI responded? Do you think it blushed? Maybe its voice tremored…?

Are We Rivals?

AIs work in various fields on various tasks – works that we used to do.

So what do we do now? What’s to happen to all the interpreters and translators? Will all the tour guides around the world lose their jobs?

Will we have to learn any other languages at all? And what will happen to the Korean language?

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