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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (5) 구질구질하다

#Drama Lines l 2020-02-03


Ji-hoon:해라 씨.


Hae-ra:어머 깜짝이야. 어머.

Oh, you surprised me. Oh.

Ji-hoon:어떻게 된 거야. 집도 이사 가구. 

What happened? You moved. 

Hae-ra:너 진짜 신고한다.

I’m going to report you. 

Ji-hoon:가 법을 좀 알잖아. 이거 신고해봤자 안 돼.

You know I know the law. You can report me if you want. Nothing will happen. 

Hae-ra:너 지금 뭐 하는 거냐?

What do you think you’re doing?? 

Ji-hoon:아니, 이것만 놓고 오려고 갔더니 이사 갔다잖아. 

그래서 토요일 아침에 사우나 가는 거 아니까 혹시나 하고 기다려봤지.

I was just going to leave this here, but they told me you moved. 

I knew you go to the sauna on Saturday mornings, so I waited to see if you’d come.

Hae-ra:어휴 진짜 구질구질하다. 구질구질...

You’re so pathetic. Pathetic.

Ji-hoon :  그래도 어떡하니. 떠난 후에 알게 된 사랑인데.

What can I do? I realized you’re my true love after you left. 

Expression of the Week

구질구질하다 (you’re pathetic) 

구질구질하다 – adj. being in a dirty state or behaving in a wrong manner

Casual – 구질구질하다

Semi-polite – 구질구질해요

>>In the dialogue, Hae-ra is reprimanding Ji-hoon’s clingy behavior and saying it is [구질구질해] which also means she is tired of his pathetic behavior. 

>>[구질구질하다] is also used to express nasty weather with clouds, rain or snow.

e.g. 오늘 날씨가 참 구질구질하네. à The weather today is really terrible.

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