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My Father is Strange (7) 화났어?

#Drama Lines l 2018-08-06

Expression of the Week

Hye-young: 앉아. 

Have a seat. 

Jung-hwan: 어, 그래. 왜 그래? 화났어?

 Okay, sure. What’s wrong? Are you mad?

Hye-young: 어, 화났어. 

Yes, I’m mad. 

화났어? (Are you mad?)

화 – anger

나다- to arise

Casual – 화났어?

Semi-polite – 화났어요?

Polite – 화나셨어요?

>>Another way to express anger is by saying “기분 나쁘다” which literally means “feelings are bad” and means “I am upset.”

>> Another way to ask someone if they are feeling upset in a more roundabout way is “기분이 안 좋으세요?” or which literally translates to “are your feelings bad” and means “are you feeling upset?”

>>A formal way to ask someone if they are angry is “(기분이) 언짢으세요?” = “Are you upset?” 

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