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The Producers (5) 좋겠다

#Drama Lines l 2019-08-05

Expression of the Week

Tak Ye-jin:아... 그냥 어제를 내 인생에서 확 그냥 도려내버리고 싶다, 나.

Ah… I just want to erase yesterday from my life. I do. 

Kim Hong-soon : 크게 싸웠구나? 뭐 합의금 물어줘야 되고 그래?

You must have had a big fight. Do you need to give them a settlement?

Tak : 그런 거 아니라고.

It’s not that. 

Kim : 야, 그런데 너희 팀이 종이 타러 가면 행정반에서 별소리 않고 주고 그러디?

Hey, when your team members go to get printer paper, does the administrative section just give it to you without a word? 

Tak :  종이? 몰라. 주겠지. 너는 종이가 문제니?

Paper? I don’t know. I’m sure they do. Does your problem have to do with paper?? 

Kim : 나는 지금 종이가 문제야. 우리 팀만 안 주는 것 같단 말이야.

Paper is a problem for me. I think they just don’t give it to our team. 

Tak : 좋겠다. 너는 종이가 문제라서. 

You’re lucky paper’s the only problem for you.

좋겠다 (You’re lucky)

좋겠다 – 좋다 + suffix -겠 which is used to express one’s opinion/idea/assumption

Casual – 좋겠다

Semi-polite – 좋겠어요

Polite – 좋으시겠어요 

>>In the dialogue, Tak Ye-jin is expressing that she is envious of Kim Hong-soon with the expression “좋겠다” because the biggest problem he has deals with getting paper for printing from the administrative section while her life is a mess. She uses “좋겠다” to mean that Kim is lucky because he doesn’t have a serious problem to worry about and she wishes paper was the worst of her problems. 

>>You can also use the phrase [~으면 좋겠다] when you are expressing “I wish” or “I hope” as in the following example. 

e.g. 나는 키가 컸으면 좋겠다 à I wish I was tall 

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