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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (7) 일 터졌어

#Drama Lines l 2020-02-17


Travel Agency Manager:  해라야. 여기 있니? 그만 울어.

Hae-ra, are you here? Stop crying. 

Hae-ra:안 울어요.

I’m not crying. 

Manager: 안에서 뭐해, 그럼? 

What are you doing in there then?

Hae-ra:저 변비예요. 변비.

I’m constipated. Constipation.

Manager: 거짓말 하지 말구. 나와 봐. 일 터졌어

Stop lying and come out. Something happened. 

Expression of the Week

일 터졌어 (something happened) 

일 – matter; affair; a certain situation or fact

터지다 – burst open

Casual – 일 터졌어

Semi-polite – 일 터졌어요

>>[터지다] is a verb that is used to describe something that has burst open. For example, like a burst seam or the explosion of suppressed or accumulated feelings.

>>In the dialogue, the verb [터지다] is used to describe a situation that has occurred. Normally, it is used in a negative context as in a fight or accident to occur suddenly. 

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