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Fight for my way (9) 다 제 탓입니다

#Drama Lines l 2020-04-27


Joo-man:설희가 거길 왜 가. 설희 거기 안 가.

Why should Seol-hee go there? Seol-hee’s not going there.
 Joo-man’s mom:얘는. 가족 같은 사이니까 부르는 거지, 우리가 뭐.

What do you mean? She’s like family. That’s why we call her, why else would we call her? 

Joo-man:가족 아니니까 다시는 설희한테 오라 가라 하지 마.

We’re not family so don’t ever tell Seol-hee to come again.

Mom:아니, 내가 뭘 그렇게 퍽이나 오라 가가 했다고 너는...

What are you talking about? Making it sound like I always call her to come or something.  

Joo-man:우리 헤어졌어.

죄송합니다. 어머니, 다 제 탓입니다.

We broke up. Sorry mom, it’s all my fault. 

Expression of the Week

다 제 탓입니다 (it’s all my fault)

다 – all, entirely

제 – form of abbreviation for “저의” meaning “my”

탓 – reason, fault or blame 

Casual – 다 내 탓이야

Semi-polite – 다 내 탓이에요

Polite – 다 제 탓입니다 

>>[제] is an abbreviated form of “저의” and makes the expression polite because “저” is the self-lowering form of “나” (I), which is used by the speaker to show humility.

>>[내 탓이다] means the blame is on me, or it is my fault.

>>However, the verb [탓하다] means to lay blame on for find fault with someone or something else. 

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