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Woman of 9.9 Billion (6) 덕분에 살았어요

#Drama Lines l 2021-01-04


Seo-yeon: 고맙지만 진짜 괜찮아요. 

Thank you but I’m really okay. 

Tae-woo: 금방 해요, 금방. 트렁크 좀 열어 주세요.

제가 수상한 사람으로 보여요?

 이거, 이거 들면 돼죠? 

조그만 차에 짐이 많네요. 이거 들어내도 돼죠?

I’ll be quick, real quick. Open your truck. 

Do I look suspicious to you? 

This here. I just need to hold this up, right?

You have a lot of stuff for a small car. Can I take this out?  

Seo-yeon: 네.


Tae-woo: 됐다. 어때요? 카센터보다 빨랐죠?

All done. What do you think? Wasn’t that faster than visiting a mechanic?

Seo-yeon: 감사합니다. 덕분에 살았어요.

Yes, thank you. It’s all thanks to your help.

Expression of the Week

덕분에 살았어요 (It’s all thanks to your help)

~~ 덕분에 – thanks to ~~

살다 – to be alive, to be safe 

Casual – 덕분에 살았어

Semi-polite/polite – 덕분에 살았어요 

>>[덕분] is a noun meaning indebtedness and [덕분에] is similar to [덕으로] meaning thanks to or owing to (a person’s) efforts

>>[살다] means to be alive or to be safe, and “덕분에 살았어요” literally means “I’m alive thanks to you”. In the dialogue, the expression is used as a way of expressing gratitude meaning “I was able to overcome this difficult situation thanks to you”.  

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