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Doctor Prisoner (6) 어디 보자

#Drama Lines l 2022-01-03


나이제: 준비 많이 하셨네. 어디 보자, 별이 몇 개신가.

아이고. 폭력, 상해, 음주. 폭력, 상해, 상해.

Na Yi-je: You’ve made a lot of preparations. Let’s see. How many stars. 

I see. Assault, causing injury, drinking, assault, causing injury, causing injury…

Expression of the Week

어디보자 (Let’s see…)

어디 -  interjection, an exclamation used to express that one is trying to attract attention from others

Casual – 어디보자

Semi-polite – 어디 봅시다   

>>This expression is used when the speaker is trying to attract attention from others, the expression in itself does not carry much meaning. 

>>Similar expressions such as “어디 한번 보자” or “한번 볼까” can be used instead. 

>>Although it sounds familiar “어디 두고 보자” is a completely different expression which can be used to mean “You’ll pay for this!” or “You won’t get away with this.”

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