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Red Shoes (10) 복 받았네

#Drama Lines l 2022-08-08


선희: 우리 젬마가 저녁 도시락까지 싸 오고. 이모 진짜 복 받았네.

Seon-hee: You packed a dinner for me? I’m so blessed. 

젬마: 앞으로 자주 싸다 드릴게요. 

Gem-ma: I’ll pack it for you often. 

옥경: 도시락 안 싸줘도 되니까 너 빨리 취직이나 해. 

Ok-kyung: You don’t need to pack me lunch. You just find a job somewhere soon. 

선희: 넌 젬마가 로라 관둔지가 얼마나 됐다고 벌써 잔소리야.

Seon-hee: She just left Rora, why are you nagging her? 

Expression of the Week

복 받았네 (I’m) so blessed

복 – n. luck, fortune, blessing, happiness

받다 – v. receive, get

Casual – 복 받았네

Semi-polite – 복 받으셨네요

>> This expression is used when a person is happy to say that someone  has achieved good results in work or when good fortune has arrived.

>>In the dialogue, Seon-hee is expressing happiness at receiving the unexpected gift (dinner) from Gem-ma. 

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