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Young Lady & Gentleman (9) 겸사겸사



사라: 엄마 대체 왜 그래? 2층에는 왜 올라가? 

Sara: Mom, what’s wrong with you! Why did you go upstairs! 

기자: 우리 세종이 주려고 장난감 하나 사왔어.

그 핑계로 세종이 방도 구경하고 내 강아지 체취도 좀 느껴보고 겸사겸사.

Ki-ja: I bought a present for Sejong. And I used that as an excuse get a look around his room and feel his presence as well. 

사라: 엄마 미쳤어? 여기 보는 눈이 몇인데?! 

내가 정말 엄마 때문에 못 살아!

Sara: Mom, are you crazy! Do you know how many eyes are watching? I can’t believe it! 

Expression of the Week

겸사겸사 (as well)

겸사겸사 – adv. with a double purpose, simultaneously; with the purpose of doing several things at a time

>> This expression is used to indicate that the speaker is doing several things at once. 

>>In the dialogue, Ki-ja is using Sejong’s present as an excuse to get a look around his room and feel his presence, although he is not in the room.  

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