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Homemade Love Story (12) 이렇게 귀한 걸

#Drama Lines l 2021-08-16


라훈: 이거 몸에 좋은 찬데 엄마가 이거 드리라고. 

Ra-hoon: This is healthy tea that my mother told me to give you.

은지 : 이렇게 귀한 걸. 어머니께 감사하다고 말씀 전해주세요. 

Eun-ji: This is so precious. Please tell your mother thank you. 

라훈 : 네. 

Ra-hoon: I will. 

은지 : 곧 군대 간다고 했죠. 

Eun-ji: You’re enlisting soon I hear? 

라훈 : 네. 

Ra-hoon: Yes. 

은지 : 건강하게 잘 다녀와요. 

Eun-ji: I hope you come back safe and sound.

라훈 : 네 그럴게요. 

Ra-hoon: I will. 


Expression of the Week

이렇게 귀한 걸 (this is so precious)

귀하다 – adj. valuable or rare

Casual – 이렇게 귀한 걸 (줘서 고마워)

Semi-polite/polite – 이렇게 귀한 걸 주셔서 감사합니다

>> “걸” is an abbreviated expression for “것을” which combines the bound noun “것” and the postpositional particle “을”. 

>> The full expression would be “이렇게 귀한 걸 줘서 고마워요” but “줘서 고마워요” which means “thanks for giving me” can be omitted. The shortened form is usually used rather than the full sentence. 

>>This expression is usually used to say thank you to someone who has given to you something very special and nice. 

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