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Police University (9) 이럴 때가 아니야

#Drama Lines l 2022-04-25


조준욱: 그게 무슨... 그럼 뺑소니란 말이야?

Joon-wook: What… then it was a hit and run? 

노범태: 말도 안 돼.

Beom-tae: No way. 

오강희: 경찰수사는 시작했겠네. 

Kang-hee: The investigation must have begun. 

강선호: 응. 곧 사라진 운전자 찾을 거야. 아니 찾아야지.

Seon-ho: Yup. They’ll start looking for the driver. Or they need to start. 

노범태: 이럴 때가 아니야. 오늘 수사학 휴강이니까 교수님한테 가자 우리. 

Beom-tae: We have no time to waste. Since our class is canceled, let’s go visit the professor. 

조준욱: 그래, 그러자. 우리가 외출증 받아올게.

Joon-wook: Yeah, let’s do that. Let me get our passes.

Expression of the Week

이럴 때가 아니야 (We have no time to waste.)

이러다 – v. ‘이렇게 하다’

때 – n. time; a certain moment or part of time

Casual – 이럴 때가 아니야

Polite – 이럴 때가 아닙니다

>> This expression is used when you need to act quickly or start doing something with haste. The expression can be used for both the speaker and hearer. 

>>‘이렇게 있을 때가 아니야’ can be used instead of this expression and mean the same thing. 

>> 이러다 is the short form of ‘이러하다’ which means ‘이렇게 하다’ or ‘to do as such’ 

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