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Inside the Olympics

Badminton badminton

The aim of this fast-moving and exciting sport is to hit the shuttlecock with a lightweight racket so that it passes over the net and lands inside the opponent's court. A shuttlecock is an open conical object formed by goose feathers embedded in a rounded cork base. The speed at which this projectile moves is higher than in any other racket sport.

Major events schedule

  • 07.30 Mixed Doubles, Finals
  • 07.31 Doubles, Bronze~Finals (Men)
  • 08.01 Singles, Bronze~Finals (Women)
  • 08.02 Doubles, Bronze~Finals (Women)
  • 08.02 Singles, Bronze~Finals (Men)


  • Heo Kwang-hee
  • An Se-young
  • Kim Ga-eun
  • Choi Sol-gyu
  • Seo Seung-jae
  • Chae Yu-jung
  • Kim So-yeong
  • Kong Hee-yong
  • Lee So-hee
  • Shin Seung-chan


Doubles(Women) BronzeDoubles(Women)