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Taekwondo taekwondo

Taekwondo is a combat sport which means “the way of kicking and punching.” The aim of taekwondo is for the athlete to kick and punch the opponent, while avoiding being kicked and punched. Points are calibrated: The most challenging techniques, such as spinning kicks to the head, score higher than punches and basic kicks to the trunk.

Major events schedule

  • 07.24 -49kg, Repechage~Finals / Individuals(Women)
  • 07.24 -58kg, Repechage~Finals / Individuals(Men)
  • 07.25 -57kg, Repechage~Finals / Individuals(Women)
  • 07.25 -68kg, Repechage~Finals / Individuals(Men)
  • 07.27 +80kg, Finals / Individuals(Men)
  • 07.27 +67kg, Finals / Individuals(Women)


  • Lee Dae-hoon
  • In Kyo-don
  • Lee Da-bin
  • Jang Jun
  • Lee Ah-reum
  • Sim Jae-young


Lee Da-bin SilverLee Da-bin
In Kyo-don BronzeIn Kyo-don
Jang Jun BronzeJang Jun