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Inside the Olympics

Diving diving

From dynamic airborne rotations to clean entry into the water – all in less than two seconds. There are two Olympic diving events – springboard, in which athletes use a three-meter duralumin diving board to generate bounce so that they can perform acrobatic manoeuvers in the air and platform, in which athletes dive from a 10-metre-high fixed platform.

Major events schedule

  • 07.26 Synchronized 10m Platform, Finals (Men)
  • 08.01 3m Springboard, Finals (Women)
  • 08.03 3m Springboard, Finals (Men)
  • 08.05 10m, Finals (Women)
  • 08.07 10m, Finals (Men)


  • Woo Ha-ram
  • Kim Young-nam
  • Kim Su-ji
  • Kwon Ha-lim
  • Kim Yeong-taek