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Inside the Olympics

Weightlifting weightlifting

The aim of weightlifting is simple - to lift more than anyone else. The result is pure sporting theater and a real spectator favorite. In the snatch, the bar is lifted from the floor to above the head in one movement. By contrast, the clean and jerk is a two-stage action — the bar is first brought up to the chest before being jerked over the head.

Major events schedule

  • 07.28 73kg (Men)
  • 08.02 +87kg (Women)


  • Won Jeong-sik
  • Lee Seon-mi
  • Han Myeong-mok
  • Yu Dong-ju
  • Jin Yun-seong
  • Ham Eun-ji
  • Kim Su-hyeon
  • Kang Yeoun-hee