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Inside the Olympics

Archery archery

The object of archery is simple - to shoot arrows as close to the center of a target as possible. Archers shoot at the target from a distance of 70m — which is the wingspan of two medium-range planes sat side-by-side.

Major events schedule

  • 07.24 Quarterfinals, Finals(Mixed)
  • 07.25 Finals / Teams(Women)
  • 07.26 Quarterfinals, Finals / Teams(Men)
  • 07.30 Quarterfinals, Finals / Individuals(Women)
  • 07.31 Quarterfinals, Finals / Individuals(Men)


  • Kang Chae-young
  • Kim Woo-jin
  • Jang Min-hee
  • An San
  • Oh Jin-hyuk
  • Kim Je-deok


An San GoldAn San
Teams(Men) GoldTeams(Men)
Teams(Women) GoldTeams(Women)
Mixed Team GoldMixed Team